Right On Refillery

Two Sisters Clay Masks


Slough off dead skin cells, tighten your pores, & even reduce inflammation. French clays are a natural detoxifier, removing oil, bacteria, & other impurities from your skin. 

Pink: highly recommended for dry or sensitive skin, this gentle mask brings together cleansing french pink clay with moisturizing seaweed & banana powder to create a mask that is ideal for all skin types.

Green: are you looking for that fresh, youthful glow? Go green! This mask is designed to rejuvenate facial skin. The french green clay & white kaolin clay gently detoxifies while firming & tightening your pores, while the antioxidants in chamomile & green tea help combat environmental stressors.

Black: the ultimate detox. This face mask works overtime with a combination of acne-fighting ingredients & natural detoxifiers. Made with activated charcoal and bentonite clay, this hard working mask will cleanse your skin releasing its impurities & exfoliating the dead skin cells.